Publishing House: NBVD

Germany’s Finest Agencies

“Germany”s Finest Agencies” presents an exclusive selection of German agencies from advertising, branding, design and digital media. In it’s ninth edition (2016/2017) it features awarded projects by fg branddesign.

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Sehnert Publishing House

Book publication by Georgios Simoudis (fg branddesign)
“Storytising – stories as a tool to leading brands successfully”

"Storytising talks about the “power of stories told” thats beyond controversy and that every child can tell you about with excitement. Brand and marketing literature doesn’t really value the topic “brand stories” as a tool for brand communication yet, thats why the book by Georgios Simoudis (fg branddesign) can be credited with a signaling effect.

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Frankfurter Allgemeine Buch

Myths, legends, anecdotes – Storytelling in Heritage Communication
Article by Georgios Simoudis (fg branddesign) in the publishers compilation
“Communicate Tradition”

The article deals with the topic of stories in the communication of ones own tradition and defines the structural preconditions for an optimized investigation and staging of a corporate story/brand story.

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Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

“The power of stories” by Richard Linxweiler and Georgios Simoudis (fg branddesign)

The article deals with the criteria of success of a narrative brand communication alongside precise examples and describes the future challenges that this discipline of communication will have to face.

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Hightone Book

“Top Graphic Design Series”, Taiwan

The book series “Top Graphic Design Series” highlights a selection of highest grade graphic design projects from all over the world. fg branddesign is part of the exquisite publication with a project for the client Avantgarde Acoustic.

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Gingko Press

“Big Brand Theory”, San Francisco

Big Brand Theory presents a discriminating selection of the highest-profile and most intelligent branding campaigns – and a part of this fine selection, featuring brands such as Adidas Starbucks, Lacoste or Levi’s, is a project by fg branddesign for Avantgarde Acoustic.

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design report – Magazine for Design

Those driven by design

To turn design into an economical success is not least a matter of attitude. Henning Horn (PR consultant for designing economies) starts his search off with stakeholders and companies and introduces the concept of communication of Polyrack in his detailed article.

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impulse – Magazine for businessmen


"…stories are the best way to carry out information. The current book “Storytising – Stories as a tool for successfully leading brands” by Georgios Simoudis (fg branddesign) points out ways of how companies can communicate their brand creatively…"

Gabler Publishing House

“Storytising – About the power of narrative communications”
Article by Georgios Simoudis (fg branddesign) in the publishers compilation
“Practice orientated brand leadership”

“Practice orientated brand leadership” deals with a set of new, innovative disciplines of brand leadership. employer branding, viral brand leadership, guerrilla marketing or couponing. The article by fg branddesign highlights Storytising as an approach.

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creativ verpacken – Trade magazine on marketing and packaging

“How local brands can use the power of stories” by Georgios Simoudis (fg branddesign)

The broad and partly overstretched positioning of global brands create gaps for local competitors to act successfully. This article explains how to identify and use these scopes.

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“The art of Storytelling”

An interview with Georgios Simoudis of fg branddesign on the opportunities of archetypal positioning for booksellers and communicating archetypes successfully through stories.

Marketing Journal

“Stories instead of plain slogans” by Helge Ulrich and Georgios Simoudis (fg branddesign)

The article deals with the strategy, concept and implementation of the watch manufacturer Joseph Chevaliers storytising project.

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